Project Description – Apple Worms
(inspired by Dan Dediu's composition “Apple Worms”)

Apple Worms is a project which seeks out new modalities of expression in interpretation as well as composing. We intend to create and stage a musical play during our two-week workshop in Breaza. As the title suggests, the action takes place inside an apple. The worms are the actors/performers who strive to map out new paths to the apple seeds.
The actual story line will be the quest for the apple seeds, paths which we will discover together with the participants-worms in Breaza.The existence of the seeds is uncertain! They merely generate the quest for different paths; they will remain an unfullfilled dream untill the end of the play.

Inside the apple, all moral, social, spiritual and artistic criteria are put into perspective. They do exist but they are pliable and subordinated to the artistic process.
Inside the apple, one does not play music to please the audience, but only to please oneself.
Music, dance, the masque are merely modalities of expression in which every worm finds his own means and paths to the seeds, which actually only exist in the imagination.
Upon registration, we ask participants to indicate whether they would like to belong to the worms’ crew: although only ten players can participate in the “apple scene”, the number of helping hands is unlimited. Every instrument is highly welcome. There are neither professional worms nor amateur worms, only hungry or replete worms.

Repose is permitted only when it does not impede the quest. Sleeping worms will be eaten by the other worms. Anybody who loses faith in the seeds will be expelled from the apple.
The spectators will expect answers but they will not be given any.
The quest will end abruptly.
Within the apple, anything is permitted, as long as it is part of quest. Of course, the border is the apple's skin, which is extensible. More and more worms struggle to get inside the apple. The skin is pierced by many holes; the danger (or salvation) is being drawn into the apple.

During the quest for the core, chamber music courses for contemporay worms and viola worms,will be held inside the apple.

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