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This festival is about the journey to the collective roots of the music, which one can find rather in expression than in notes, rather in ones attitude and approach towards the music. It's intended to create a space for music-making without boundaries (or containment), where every wish can unfold and shape as desired to find its proper place.
The four concerts will be imbedded within old madrigals, which the protagonists will play, placed on different spots in the concert hall. Out of this “Sea of Madrigals” will rise music from varying periods and styles. Two days filled with music and culinary entr’actes, concerted to the repertoire. Three violins ( Debbie, Isabel, Tom), three violas (Mina, Uschi, Marius), 1 cello (Katerina) and one piano (Verona) are part of the instrumentation to this extra-ordinary Festival.
Inspired by the unequaled atmosphere of the K.K. Museum and the wonderful surrounding landscape, the participants will play music from Brahms, Schubert, Mozart, Shostakovich, Enescu, Hindemith, Schumann, Marbé etc. Monique and Zoran will arrange for the concert hall and the food to help to stomach all the wonderful music.

The concerts will be on Saturday, 02. May 2009 and Sunday 03. May 2009




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